Athanasia Anagnostopoulou

Athanasia Anagnostopoulou studied history at the EHESS (Paris) where she received her doctorate (1993). Between 1995-2004, she taught at the Department of Turkish Studies, Nicosia. Actually, she is an associate professor of History at the Department of Political Science and History of Panteion University, Athens. Her main research interests are in the area of  nationalism in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus, and colonialism in Cyprus. She published two monographies: Asia Minor. The Greekorthodox Communities, 19th century -1919. From the Rum millet to the Greek Nation, Ellinika Grammata, Athens, 1997 (in Greek) and The Modernization of Turkey. Islam in relation with the kemalism, Vivliorama, Athens, 2004 (in Greek). She published a collection of articles with the general title From the Ottoman Empire to the Nations States. The case of Greece and Cyprus, Isis, Istanbul, 2004 (in French and English). She published also a great numbers of articles.




  • 2004: Ο Τουρκικός Εκσυγχρονισμός. Η δαιδαλώδης διαδρομή του Κεμαλισμού (The Modernisation of Turkey. The dedalous itinerary of Kemalism), Vivliorama, Athens, 2004.

  • 2004: The passage from the Ottoman Empire to the Nation-States. The Case of the Greek State, Issis, Istanbul, 2004.

  • 1997: Μικρά Ασία. Οι Ελληνορθόδοξες κοινότητες, 19ος-1919. Από το μιλλέτ των Ρωμιών στο ελληνικό έθνος (Asia Minor. The Greekorthodox communities. From the Rum millet to the Greek nation, 19e s.-1919, Εllinika Grammata, Αthens, 1997.


Principal Articles

  • The complexities of Greek Nationalism in its Cypriot Version”, A. Aktar, N. Kizilyurek and U. Ozkirmili (ed.), Nationalism in the troubled triangle. Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, MacMillan, 2010.
  • “The ‘Nation’ of the Rum Sings of the Sultan. The Many Faces of Ottomanism”, L. Tanatar Baruh and V. Kechriotis (ed.), Economy and Society on Both Shores of the Aegean,Historical Archives, Αthènes, 2010, pp. 79-105.
  • “The Europeanisation and de-europeanisation of Islam”, H. Yilmaz and Cagla Aykac (ed.), Perceptions of Islam in Europe, Tauris, London, 2009.
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  • «1919-1922: Ο εθναρχισμός του Οικουμενικού Πατριαρχείου στο πλαίσιο της Μεγάλης Ιδέας» (1919-1922: The ethnarchism of the Ecumenical Patriarcate in the frame of the Great Idea), Istorica, v. 25, (47/2007), pp. 373-420.
  • Ζήτω Ζήτω ο Σουλτάνος/Bin Yasa Padisahimiz: The Millet-i Rum singing the praises of the Sultan in the framework of Helleno-Ottomanism”, Archivum Ottomanicum. Melanges en l’honneur d’Elizabeth A. Zachariadou, Harrassowitz Verlag-Wiesbaden, 2006, pp. 47-78.
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  • «Οι όροι μιλλέτ, γένος, έθνος, οικουμενικότητα, αλυτρωτισμός στην ελληνική ιστοριογραφία» (The terms millet, genos, nation, ecumenism, irredentism in Greek historiography), in Acts of IV International Symposium on History. Historiography of Modern and Contemporary Greece 1833-2002, Athens, 2004, pp. 637-676.
  • «The process of defining Izmir’s «historical national mission» in the 19th century-1919», Sia Anagnostopoulou, The passage from the Ottoman Empire to the Nation-States, The Issis Press, Istanbul, 2004, pp. 75-101.
  • «Église Oecuménique, Église Nationale. Le problème des rapports entre religion et nation dans les Balkans, 19e siècle – début 20e siècle», Byzantina et Moderna. Mélanges en l’honneur d’Hélène Antoniadis-Bibicou, Alexandreia, Αthens, 2007, pp. 159-175.
  • «H διπλή ανάγνωση της Eπανάστασης στο πλαίσιο της αυτοκρατορικής λογικής περί εξουσίας του Πατριαρχείου Kωνσταντινούπολης. Aπό τον οθωμανορθόδοξο πατριωτισμό στον ελληνικό αλυτρωτισμό» (The double lectur of the Greek Revolution in the frame of the imperial logic of the Patriarcate. From the hellenorthodox patriotism to the irredentism), in Acts of the International Symposium on Greek Revolution. A european event, Κedros, Αthens, 2009, pp. 289-306.
  • “Les autorités religieuses, chrétiennes orthodoxes et musulmanes, face à la colonisation britannique”, in Actes du Colloque Voisinages Fragiles. Les relations interconfessionnelles dans le sud-est européen et la Méditerranée orientale 1854-1943: contraintes locales et enjeux internationaux, (sous publication).
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  • «Η σύγκρουση Χ. Τρικούπη και Ιωακείμ ΙΙΙ» (The conflict between Ch. Tricoupis et Ioakeim III), in K. Αrwni-Tsihli et L. Triha (ed.), Ο Χαρίλαος Τρικούπης και η Εποχή του (Charilaos Trikoupis and his Era), Αthens, 2000, pp. 99-106.
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