Research project
«Balkan Readings of 1821»


Scientific Coordinator: Associate Professor Andreas Lyberatos
Research Group: Associate Professor Andreas Lyberatos
  Georgios Manios, MA student /Panteion University
  Antonis Hadjikyriakou, Assistant Professor / Panteion University


The revolutions of 1821 and the Greek War of Independence were crucıal events in the Modern History of the Balkans and, in particular, in the process of transition of the region from the pre-modern Empires to modern nation-states. The “legacy” of 1821 has been multiple. The 1821 revolutions exerted in the beginning direct influence (ideological, political and organizational) to subsequent national-liberation movements in 19th century Balkans. Later on, these events were gradually integrated into the national narratives of the various Balkan nation-states through different readings.

The object of the project is to identify, register and study works and texts in the literature of the successor of the Ottoman Empire nation-states referring to the revolutions of 1821 and the Greek War of Independence. The research places emphasis on texts of historical literature.

The aim of the project is to map, in a diachronic and comparative fashion, the knowledge and uses of 1821 in the historiography of the Balkan states. The project aims to investigate their significance, on the one hand for the formation of the “internal” ideological and historiographic field in the various Balkan states, and, on the other hand, for the creation of inter-Balkan mirages and images of the “Other”.




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