The Research Centre for Modern History (KENI) belongs to the Political Science and History Department of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens, Greece. Its goals include the undertaking of historical research projects in collaboration with other academic institutions in Greece and abroad, the organizing of relevant conferences and lectures and the assembling of archive collections, both hard copy and digital.

Five units operate within  the Centre:

  •  Documentation and Study of the Greek War of Independence and the Reign of Othon;
  •  Study of Historical Culture;
  •  Balkan, Ottoman and Post-ottoman  Studies, 
  •  Documentation and Study of the Greek Press 
  •  History of Migrant and Refugee Movements 

The academic staff of the Centre consists of Researchers (professors, lecturers and PhD holders from Greece and abroad), of Assistant Researchers (Holders of a Master’s degree or PhD candidates) and of Collaborators (graduate or undergraduate students).



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